Catchy Slogans & Taglines Picking The Best Advertising Slogans & Taglines for Your Business

Published: 08th February 2011
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Creating catchy slogans and taglines is easier said than done. After all, consumers are likely to hear or see hundreds of advertising slogans every day but they'll remember only a few. Now that many online services offer paid slogan contests where freelance slogan writers generate lots of options the question is no longer where to get a great slogan. The question is how do I pick the best one. Here are some tips to help you get the catchy slogan that's right for you.

Tip One: Get The Tone Right

Believe it or not even the most clever wordplay alone isn't enough to create an effective slogan. It has to be a slogan or tagline that works for the message. Funny slogans might get laughs but it might not lead to action. Definitely use humor when it's appropriate but if you want an upscale gourmet restaurant slogan, aim for something refined and relevant to your key audience. There are many different tones to consider, from whimsical to powerful, playful to foreboding. Get the tone right first and writers will be able to use that as a framework for generating slogans.

Tip Two: Keep It Concise

Most people can recognize someone else's great slogan when they hear it. It's quick and clever. But in trying to develop their own advertising slogans, that ability to recognize a good line goes out the window. So remember, don't try and pack too much in or everything will be forgotten. For year's Budweiser got tremendous mileage out of the simple slogan, "True." It was one word. A good guideline for a slogan length is 2-10 words. Avoid cumbersome words that don't roll off the tongue and try and shave off extraneous words. McDonald's could have gone with "I am loving this wonderful selection of delicious food" but they didn't. They wisely went with 'I'm lovin it."

Tip Three: Take A Chance

When you get a slogan, it's okay of it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Pushing the envelope almost always yields a better return than playing it safe and becoming one of the hundreds of lines we see and quickly forget. If you look back at the history of slogans, you'll see many of the all-time classics stood out because they broke the mold from what everyone else was doing at the time. It's okay to be a little bold just don't be forgotten.

Now you're ready to head to your favorite online slogan generator site and get that new company slogan, catchy tagline or billboard headline. Along with your logo, there's no more important branding element than a brilliant slogan. Pick the right words and you'll stand out from your competition and get your target audience taking action. Nothing's more exciting than that.

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